(L-5) Loader

The Double Coin REM-18 is a radial OTR tire built for severe loader applications. This off-the-road tire is constructed with special chip and cut resistant compounds to promote an extended original tread life and long-term retreadability. Designed with a wide footprint and center rib for stability, the REM-18 OTR features a directional tread design for increased forward traction.

  • Wide footprint for stability; center riding rib for ride comfort
  • Special cut and chip resistance compounds extend tire life and promote retreadability
  • Directional tread design for increased off-the-road forward traction



Product Code Tire Size Pattern Load Symbol Speed Max
Diameters IN
Width IN
Tread Depth
32 NDS
RIM Single Max LP Tire Weight
1087173532 35/65R33 REM-18 10/5 81 37 123 28.00/3.5 50600lb/73psi 1026kg/2255lb
1087183532 35/65R33 REM-18 ★★ 10/5 81 37 123 28.00/3.5 60076lb/102psi 1026kg/2255lb
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