4 Belts for Double Toughness

We often get comments like this!

"I knew the RLB400's wear like concrete, but my latest results are simply astounding," says owner operator Carl Andrioff.

"We’ve gone with Double Coins on five of our semis, particularly the RLB400 drive tire. We get about three years out of it and have virtually eliminated all flat tires," says owner operator Paul Sandretto.

Four Belts Instead of ThreeDouble Coin 4 Belt - Higher Standards

Steel belts in the tire reinforce it to be able to withstand the internal air pressure and external weight of the vehicle. This results in a smoother ride that helps prevent heat build-up, which can make the tires last longer.

Radial tires have more flex, so they allow more ground contact. The end result is better stability to the tire’s tread area, which contributes to wear, handling, and traction.

To understand the outstanding durability and toughness of Double Coin TBR tires, look inside! Typically, most TBR tires only have 3 layers of steel belts, whereas Double Coin has 4 layers or 4 belts, which means the tire's foundational elements (steel belts) better reinforces and thus makes the tire more reliable and durable while on the road.

Double Coin 4 Belt 7 Years7 Year Warranty

Now you know – 4 is better than 3 when it comes to steel belts.

Here’s another important number when it comes to Double Coin TBR tires – 7. Back in 2017, we decided to put our money where our mouth is . . . by enhancing our retread warranty to seven (7) years and three (3) retreads for all Double Coin truck and bus radial (TBR) tire products. The response from fleets and owner operators has been fantastic. People appreciate it when a company stands behind its products. Double Coin Coast to Coast TBR


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