Limited Manufacturer Warranty (OTR Tires)

Double Coin’s OTR Limited Warranty (OTR Tires) cover tires that become unusable for any reason within the tire manufacturer’s control, typically covering materials and workmanship. Some examples of this would be tread separation, belt separation and out-of-round.

To file a Limited Manufacturer Warranty (OTR Tires), the following information must be provided to CMA for processing. If we do not receive this information we cannot process your claim. Once completed, we will send a confirmation email shortly after.

Please review the Double Coin Limited Warranty for complete detail. Double Coin tire must be replaced with a comparable new Double Coin tire by an authorized Double Coin OTR tire dealer.

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Customer Information

Tire Information

Photograph(s) clearly showing the defect of the tire and photograph(s) of the tire clearly showing the D.O.T. & factory serial number.

Acceptable file formats: png, jpg, jpeg, heif, heifs, heic, heics, avci, avcs, avif, avifs.

Please submit a copy of the replacement invoice for adjustment consideration.

Acceptable file formats: pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, heif, heifs, heic, heics, avci, avcs, avif, avifs.

Note: Proper tire care is necessary to obtain maximum service from a tire. It is your obligation to maintain your tire's proper cold inflation pressures as specified by your vehicle's manufacturer and inspect your tires periodically for damage that could be corrected before creating a condition that would cause the tire to be removed from service.

IMPORTANT: CMA reserves the right to inspect and or all tires submitted for adjustment under this program prior to issuance of credit. Do not dispose of any tires until you have received credit for them. CMA may request that tires be shipped to one of our adjustment locations and/or send a factory representative to your location to inspect the tires.

The cutouts of the tire’s factory serial number must be mailed to CMA Corporate Offices upon completion of the form.

CMA China Manufacturers Alliance
406 E. Huntington Drive, Suite 200
Monrovia, CA 91016
Attn: Warranty Department

If you have any questions, please contact your Double Coin representative or email