Customer Stories

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Commercial and OTR tires at excellent value

Double Coin delivers a consistent and reliable product at an aggressive price point. In a time of global uncertainty, communication was prompt and thorough. Every effort was taken to provide accurate lead times and get us the product in a timely fashion.
The "Bang for Your Buck" an end user receives from a double coin OTR tire is unrivaled. couldn't be happier to be a Double Coin dealer. Our rep is a pleasure to work with and the product exceeds expectations.

Alton Leonard
Sedam Tire, Sales Consultant
I enjoy exceptional performance and value that Double Coins offer me.

As a one truck Owner / Operator, I am always looking to increase my bottom line, whether it’s driving at a lower speed or installing a generator to reduce idling. That’s why I use Double Coin Tires. I enjoy the exceptional performance and value that Double Coin tires offer me. That means more miles to my bottom line.

Edward Sibbett
Owner/Operator, Sibbett Trucking
Double Coin does what it takes to satisfy.

At Pete’s Tire Barns, we don’t just sell tires. We mount them, we repair them, and we take care of our customers. We try to have as many types and sizes of tires in stock so we never have to say “no” to a customer. Whether they need a garden tire, a set of truck tires, or an earthmover tire, we want to be able to say “yes”. That’s why we carry Double Coin. They make more tires in more sizes for more applications than anybody — and we carry them all. Double Coin spends what it takes to develop tires no one else has, and they’re all high quality.

Their truck tires are more fuel-efficient, because unlike most manufacturers, Double Coin uses state-of-the-art compounding technology. Double Coin does what it takes to satisfy their customers, and so do we.

Peter Gerry
Owner, Pete‘s Tire Barns
We're extremely satisfied with Double Coin.

We had been hauling Double Coin tires for a dealer in Memphis, so, being loyal, we ordered a set or two to try out ourselves. We’ve bought a lot more Double Coin tires since then, and we’ve had no issues at all with them. We’re extremely satisfied.

My big concerns are always reliability and safety, and I would never buy tires that don’t meet my standards. You just can’t put a price on reliability. But besides the tires, what surprised me was the ease of doing business with Double Coin. They bill us direct, and we get standardized pricing. They make buying tires easy all the way around. I wish I had started doing business with them sooner.

My money’s on Double Coin.

Mark Cooper
Fleet Manager, Cooper Freight
Double Coin Tires deliver a high level of performance along with competitive pricing.

For over 47 years our company has handled several well recognized truck tire brands. Over a decade ago we began working with Double Coin, and our experience has been excellent. Service and Communications with Customer Service and the Sales Department is very good.

We are very satisfied with the Double Coin product. We cannot expect better results. Double Coin Tires deliver a high level of performance along with competitive pricing. Additionally Double Coin tires have a casing that promotes multiple retreads. For these reasons, Double Coin remains our best option in our market. We agree; the smart money is on Double Coin.

Juan R. Lopez
Caribbean Rubber
We enjoy the value and performance that Double Coin products offer.

We have been using Double Coin Medium Truck Radial tires for quite some time and we are happy to report success in all areas of this product.

We enjoy the value and performance that Double Coin products offer. Our company benefits from both a quality and profitability standpoint. In today’s competitive world, Double Coin tires assist us in providing exceptional and unique solutions for our tire needs.

As we look at our company’s future growth, Double Coin tires will play an important role in our strategy.

John Mitchell
Mitchell Transport, Inc.
The quality of Double Coin tires makes all the difference.

At J&P Trucking, we run 45 trucks to Houston and the West Coast from here in Alabama. We need tires that last a long time that we can rely on to get the job done. Our customers don’t want to hear about any tire problems, they want their delivery on time. We’re running half a dozen sets of Double Coin tires all-position tires, and I’m really happy with the way they’re performing.

They’ve outlasted some of our more expensive national brand tires... and they’re still going. This business boils down to cost per mile, and Double Coin tires help me keep that to a minimum. The quality of Double Coin makes the difference. They’re a big reason why our trucks are 98% on time.

J.A. Bates
President, J&P Trucking, Inc.
Double Coin may not be as well-known as some other brands, but they’ve made a believer out of me.

Better-known brands cost more, but these Double Coin tires have a higher weight rating to support my bus — granite floors and all — with no problem. Double Coin may not be as well known as some other brands, but they’ve made a believer out of me. I would definitely recommend them to other RVers.

Gary Stevens
Prevost Bus Owner Operator
These tires PERFORMED in every situation!

I began using Double Coin RLB490 tires on my Medium Duty C4500. They delivered a smooth ride with ample amount of grip to keep my 2wd from getting stuck in most off highway situations I could get this truck into. They have a 1/2 open shoulder which gives the knobby look us pickup guys want while maintaining a strong stance with very minimal sway in hard turns. Most other open shoulder tires we’ve used end up chopping the shoulder causing excessive wear and costly rotations.

Due to the nature of our business we put these tires through multiple seasons of heavy snow, extreme heat in the south, countless boat ramps all over the country, and these tires PERFORMED in every situation!

In our business, as in most businesses the bottom line is always a concern, and when you find a set of tires that can perform as these have, you know you got the most for your money!

Chris Hanna
FCC Marine Transport and Shipping Wars on A&E
Trust, great communication and complete transparency

When they say they are going to do something, they mean it and they act on it. Double Coin builds a high quality product that our members depend on for both consistent supply and above average profit opportunities.

Dave Marks
President & CEO, Independent Tire Dealers Group, LLC
Double Coin provides the lowest cost per kilometer

We have tested the Double Coin RLB1 traction tire in size 11R24.5 for our units that transport general cargo in single configuration dry vans. Our routes mainly run northbound in the country, such as Tijuana and Villa Hermosa, with an average load of 30 tons. The Double Coin RLB1 provides the lowest cost per kilometer, resulting in up to 45.6% savings for our fleet. We highly recommend Double Coin products for their competitiveness and brand reliability.

Salvador Marin
Director of Operations, Melk Logistics
Price point with quality and retreadable casing!

We tested the 11R24.5 RLB400 and the customer was extremely happy with wear and mileage on his dump trucks. Also had the same success with the RLB1, a proven product which helps me continue to sell the product today.

Roger Wirth
Fleet Manager, Hurtubise Tire Inc.
Quality Import but less than Major Brand

I have been selling Double Coin Tires for years, and my experience working with Double Coin throughout the pandemic was fantastic! Customers expect to see Double Coin because they know it is a quality tire.

Rich Brunori
Regional Manager, Kost Tire and Auto
Good tires, quality and price

Double Coin helped us with good tires, quality and price. Our experience throughout the pandemic was perfect as before! A customer of ours was using a more expensive product and Double Coin performed just as much at a lower price. I hope the product will continue to the same standards.

Norman Ensbury
Sales Representative, Multi-Pneus
Double Coin tires deliver excellent value to my customers.

Greg Burt knows tires. And he should, as he’s been selling them for over 10 years. So while Greg is well aware of the choices customers have in imported tires, he believes in Double Coin. “They are not only high quality and trouble free, they are overall a better product.” And his praises don’t stop there. Greg goes on, “I would highly recommend Double Coin tires.”

His customers evidently agree. “We got a lot of repeat business from people who like the performance of the tires. For price and performance, Double Coin tires are simply hard to beat.” And this is just one of the stories that confirms that the smart money is on Double Coin.

My money’s on Double Coin.

Greg Burt
General Manager, Tire Wholesalers Company, Inc
The best option for reducing the cost per kilometer and increased performance

In AUTOTANQUES DE MEXICO SA DE CV we are a company committed to continuous improvement and search for solutions to reduce operating costs, that is why we carry out a performance test of the DOUBLE COIN RLB1 tire size 11R24.5/16 in vehicles of our fleet with double trailer on the routes MEXICO-TUXPAN - CIUDAD MADERO with an average weight of 65 tons.
From the results obtained we conclude that the DOUBLE COIN RLB1 size 11R25.5/16 is the best option for us for the benefit obtained by reducing the cost per kilometer and increased performance.
For the reasons mentioned above, we highly recommend DOUBLE COIN products for the benefits they grant.

Eduardo Mendoza
Maintenance Manager, Autotanques De Mexico SA DE CV
I'm amazed at how long my Double Coin tires last.

Ronnie Dickenson demands a lot from the tires on his trucks. And he should, because he drives over 150,000 miles a year pulling flatbeds and dump-trailers. And while he initially bought Double Coin tires for the prices, he continues to buy them because of the proven performance. “Double Coin provides a smoother ride and last a lot longer,” he said. He went as far as recommending Double Coin tires to his brother, who is also an owner operator, and a co-worker.

They have each been using them for over three years running. “And now, we all say that Double Coin tires are the best tires we’ve ever bought.” And this is just one of the stories that confirms that the smart money is on Double Coin.

My money’s on Double Coin.