(L5) Loader tire

The Double Coin REM-19 is a radial OTR tire built for a wide variety of loader applications. Its special chip and cut resistant compounds promote an extended original tread life and promote long-term retreadability. Designed with a wide footprint and center rib for stability, this Off-the road tire features a non-directional tread design for additional traction in multiple applications.

REM-19 Highlights

  • Non-directional tread pattern with center rib provides enhanced traction
  • Wide footprint for stability; center riding rib for ride comfort
  • Special cut and chip resistance compounds extend tire life and promote retreadability
  • Non-directional tread pattern with center rib provides enhanced traction

REM-19 Specifications

Product Code Size Pattern Load Symbol Speed Max (mph) Overall Diameter (inch) Section Width (inch) Tread Depth (32nds) RIM Single Max Load/Pressure Weight Tire Type
1087190251 20.5R25 REM-19 ★★ 5 61 21 91 17.00/2.00 25353lb/94psi 295kg/650lb T/L
1087193251 23.5R25 REM-19 ★★ 5 66 24 98 19.50/2.50 31967lb/94psi 451kg/995lb T/L
1087196253 26.5R25 REM-19 ★★ 5 71 27 116 22.00/3.0 40785lb/94psi 634kg/1397lb T/L
1087192956 29.5R25 REM-19 ★★ 5 75 31 126 25.00/3.5 49384lb/94psi 762kg/1628lb T/L

REM-19 Resources

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We are very pleased with Double Coin tire’s price and wear.

Walker Quiram, Quiram Logging