(SS) Skid steer tire

The Double Coin REM-3 OTR features a special uni-directional tread design for maximum traction in Off-the-Road skid loader applications. Its radial design offers optimum performance and increased tire life, as well as an enhanced ride and handling.

REM-3 Highlights

  • Special uni-directional design for maximum traction in skid loader applications
  • Increased tread life with optimum compounds
  • Enhanced off-the-road handling and ride with radial design
  • Increased tread life with optimum compounds

REM-3 Specifications

Product Code Size Pattern Load Symbol Speed Max (mph) Overall Diameter (inch) Section Width (inch) Tread Depth (32nds) RIM Single Max Load/Pressure Weight Tire Type
1106340650 10R16.5 REM-3 128A5 22 30 10 23 8.25 3900lb/54psi 32kg/70lb T/L
1106342650 12R16.5 REM-3 141A5 22 33 12 29 9.75 5600lb/54psi 42kg/93lb T/L

REM-3 Resources

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We are very pleased with Double Coin tire’s price and wear.

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