The Smart Money is on Double Coin


Double Coin tires utilize innovative technology that improves fuel efficiency and lowers operating expenses.


You can rely on Double Coin to deliver on its promise of superior product support with its no hassle warranty.


Gain competitive, consistent pricing and superior service nationwide, centralized billing and a responsive dealer network.

In the News

Double Coin Releases Tire Innovation, Manufacturing and Technology Video
Double Coin releases its latest video, which provides insight into Double Coin technology, manufacturing standards, and its products.
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Double Coin North America Announces Launch of Redesigned Website
Double Coin and CMA, a leading tire manufacturer and marketer announced today the launch of a new, redesigned website.
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Upcoming Events

ATA Management Conference & Exhibition (MC&E)
Oct 17–20, 2015

Philadelphia, PA

Nov 3–6, 2015

Las Vegas, NV