"Price, quality and no problems – you can’t beat that combination."
- Dan Pearson
President, Northwest Tire - Bismark ND
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Up here in Bismarck, it's all farming and oil industry, so folks need tires that last a long time with no problems. That's why I recommend Double Coin tires. Double Coin makes a good quality tire at a fair price. And they're guaranteed to be retreaded twice, which saves my customers even more - and keeps them coming back. We do our own retreading, and we've found that Double Coin tires last as long and retread as well as major national brands.

Our customers know we'll take care of them if there are any problems - but with Double Coin, there haven't been any problems. And we've got 16 locations - that's a lot of tires.

My money's on Double Coin.

"Double Coin tires deliver excellent value to my customers."
- Greg Burt
General Manager, Tire Wholesalers Company, Inc - Troy, MI
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Greg Burt knows tires. And he should, as he's been selling them for over 10 years. So while Greg is well aware of the choices customers have in imported tires, he believes in Double Coin. "They are not only high quality and trouble free, they are overall a better product." And his praises don't stop there. Greg goes on, "I would highly recommend Double Coin tires."

His customers evidently agree. "We got a lot of repeat business from people who like the performance of the tires. For price and performance, Double Coin tires are simply hard to beat." And this is just one of the stories that confirms that the smart money is on Double Coin.

My money's on Double Coin.

"The Double Coin's performance has been exceptional even when compared to the major brands."
- Jim Hetherington
Metro Tyre Services Pty Ltd
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I have been in the OTR tyre business for over 10 years. In this time I have sold, serviced and maintained many different brands of tyres to small and large contractors.

I have found the Double Coin OTR tyres to be one of the best cost per hour tyres on the market. The Double Coin's performance has been exceptional even when compared to the major brands.

My company has been bulit on quality service and supplying the right tyre that is backed by the manufacturer for the right application, and that is why I don't hesitate to recommend and sell Double Coin OTR tyres.

"Our stockholders know that the performance and durability of the Akuret/Double Coin products and they create great value in the marketplace."
- Jim Mayfield
President, Del-Nat Tire
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We have been marketing the Akuret/Double Coin medium truck radial products for several years to our stockholder customers. The Akuret proprietary brand is the foundation of our private brand commercial product program.

Our stockholders know that the performance and durability of the Akuret/Double Coin products and they create great value in the marketplace. Products that offer profit opportunities to our stockholders and excellent service to the end users are what Del-Nat is striving for.

"The tread design for the Double Coin Radial Industrial Tires is the most popular now being used in Europe."
- Joe DiPrima
President, DiPrima Distributors Tire
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We are happy with Double Coin’s radial industrial tires. They are as good as any radial tire we’ve ever used. The tread design is one of the most popular being used in Europe and the puncture resistance and excellent wear patterns make Double Coin a winning combination for future sales.

The size offerings compare favorably with other leading radial industrial tire manufacturers while at the same time providing a quality that results in 50% less downtime.

Continue to expand your product offerings to meet our increasing demand.

"Double Coin Tires deliver a high level of performance along with competitive pricing."
- Juan R. Lopez
Caribbean Rubber
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For over 47 years our company has handled several well recognized truck tire brands. Over a decade ago we began working with Double Coin, and our experience has been excellent. Service and Communications with Customer Service and the Sales Department is very good.

We are very satisfied with the Double Coin product. We cannot expect better results. Double Coin Tires deliver a high level of performance along with competitive pricing. Additionally Double Coin tires have a casing that promotes multiple retreads. For these reasons, Double Coin remains our best option in our market. We agree; the smart money is on Double Coin.

"We consider the quality of Double Coin tyres so good we actually offer a TRIPLE GUARANTEE."
- Les DeCells
Chief Executive Officer, Tyres4U
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We have been the importers of Double Coin radial truck tyres in Australia and New Zealand since 1994 when the factory first commenced production. Since that time, the market share of Double Coin has increased significantly to the point where it is now a highly requested brand in those markets.

This overwhelming acceptance is due to the high quality and retreadability of the tyres. Double Coin manufactures tyres for use in most applications, and in all instances the tyres perform well and the incidence of warranty claims is very low.

We consider the quality of the Double Coin tyres so good we actually offer a “TRIPLE GUARANTEE” on the casings, meaning we guarantee three retreads on the original casing. This is the only tyre in Australia which has such a guarantee.

"Double Coin does what it takes to satisfy"
- Peter Gerry
Owner, Pete's Tire Barns - Orange MA
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At Pete's Tire Barns, we don't just sell tires. We mount them, we repair them, and we take care of our customers. We try to have as many types and sizes of tires in stock so we never have to say "no" to a customer. Whether they need a garden tire, a set of truck tires, or an earthmover tire, we want to be able to say "yes". That's why we carry Double Coin. They make more tires in more sizes for more applications than anybody - and we carry them all. Double Coin spends what it takes to develop tires no one else has. And they're all high quality.

Their truck tires are more fuel-efficient, because unlike most manufacturers, Double Coin uses state-of-the-art compounding technology. Double Coin does what it takes to satisfy their customers, and so do we.

My money's on Double Coin.

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