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  • TBR and OTR tires in stock
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  • 7-year / 3-retread TBR warranty policy
  • Double Coin is a first choice for first replacement tires for many leading fleets
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    Check out these competitively priced tires. They’re readily available today.

    Double Coin TBR 4 Belt Tires
    FT105 FT105

    Fuel efficient trailer-position tire

    RT500 RT500

    Premium regional/all-position steer tire

    RLB400 RLB400

    Closed shoulder drive-position tire

    RSD3 RSD3

    Ultra-premium severe winter drive-position tire

    Double Coin OTR Tires
    REM-2 REM-2

    (E3/L3) Earthmover/loader tire

    REM-3 REM-3

    (SS) Skid steer tire

    REM-6 REM-6

    (IND) Industrial lug tire

    REM-10 REM-10

    (E3/L3) Haulage/articulated tire