Aiming for 450K Miles on RLB400s

Owner operator Glen Rice has been running Double Coin RLB400s (LP24.5s) for nearly three years. His mileage on this set is 311,000 and he has 13/32nds tread remaining! 

311,000 divided by 17/32nds used = 18,294 miles per 32nd.  Projected to full use (26/32nds), Rice will receive over 475,000 miles!

"I'm getting great wear, and the traction is as good as anything I've driven on," RiceGlen Rice with girlfriend said.  


Good Tire Combined with Good Maintenance

Rice says he gives his Double Coin drive tires "an important assist" by adjusting his vehicle alignment two to three times a year and regularly checking his tire air pressure.

"I'm under a lot of different types of trailers in addition to bobtailing, so it is important to continually check my air pressure relevative to the load," he said.

A Terrible Wreck in East TN

In the early years, Rice focused mostly on his job of hauling stuff. But then he got caught up in that infamous wreck in the dense fog on Interstate 75 in East TN. 99 vehicles involved . . . Twelve people killed and 42 injured, including Rice.

Once he got back behind the wheel, he said he decided to chill a bit. "My girlfriend (seen above) and I take our time on trips to check out restaurants and local sights," he explained. "It's been very nice."

Glen Rice truck


The RLB400 features an extra deep 30/32" tread with stone drilling protectors RLB400Wwhich help deliver long original mileage. The closed shoulder tread design provides even wear.

Click here to read about how the RLB400 compared to the General D460 in a fleet test.

Here's a good story on how an owner operator achieved 385,000 miles on his RLB400s. Not as much as Rice expects, but still pretty darn good!

We appreciate Glen's business and wish him many more successful miles on the road.

Glen Rice truck #2

Glen Rice truck #3 Glen Rice truck #4

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