Choosing the Right Tires for Modern Trailering

Expanding on the success of our popular RT500 model, these new sizes include the ST235/80R16 and ST235/85R16, designed explicitly for high-speed trailer use. Applications: • RV Trailers • 5th Wheel Trailers • Horse Trailers • Utility Trailers • Boat Trailers Features & Benefits • Large steel casing allows for heavier carrying capacity • Optimized tread depth for reduced heat build-up • Wide shoulders for improved stability

How Double Coin’s new tire models meet the demands of today’s trailer applications In the world of trailer travel, tire selection is not merely a choice but a crucial decision impacting safety, efficiency, and performance. Double Coin has recently expanded its tire portfolio by introducing two new sizes of all-steel ST radials—ST235/80R16 and ST235/85R16—explicitly targeted […]

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Tire Maintenance Tips to Avoid Heavy-Duty Pressure Points

Tire pressure, or a lack thereof, can be a significant driver of overall fuel consumption. In fact, research from NACFE reveals that a 0.5-1.0% increase in fuel consumption is seen in vehicles running with tires underinflated by just 10 PSI. It is important to note the council also found about one in five trailers are […]

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Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

Winter is here with a vengeance, and winter driving adds another level of danger to an already tough job. Here’s some tips to help keep commercial truck drivers out of harm’s way this winter:

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Heat is Public Enemy #1 for Tires

Experts predicted a hotter than average summer for most of the country and boy were they right, especially out West. Unbelievable! Dangerous for humans . . . and for tires!

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Protect Your Tire Investment – 4 Steps

We received this question recently on our Facebook page: “What are the keys to maintaining new tires to ensure the best on-road performance?

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Underinflated Truck Tires Hurt the Bottom Line!

Having a well-synchronized air pressure maintenance program between your drivers and your shop should be the single most important element of your tire policy and is really the easiest to administer. It certainly will have the biggest impact on your fleet costs associated with tires, including: fuel consumption, wear life, irregular wear, etc.

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Drivers Make a Difference in Tire Costs

A typical tractor trailer rig is sitting on a big investment in tires — $8,000 and up depending on the brand and whether there are retreads in the mix.

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Every Scrap Tire Tells a Story

Is a scrap tire analysis program part of your fleet maintenance plan? If not, you’re leaving serious money on the table.

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Educate Your Fleet Customers About Tire Air Pressure Maintenance

Want to help your fleet and owner operator customers get the most value out of one of their biggest operating expenses? It’s simple — help them establish a consistent tire air pressure monitoring program.

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Underinflated Tires Will Reduce Tread Life Up To 25 Percent

Want to get the most value out of one of your biggest operating expenses? It’s simple — check the air pressure in your tires weekly.

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