Tires Play a Critical Role in Last-Mile Deliveries

The last-mile delivery trend that accelerated during the Covid pandemic will continue to grow at an exponential rate. In fact, experts say last-mile delivery is projected to be a $90 billion industry by 2025.

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Recorrido virtual de la Fábrica de Neumáticos Radiales para Camión de Double Coin

Vea cómo se fabrican los neumáticos en una de las fábricas de neumáticos más avanzadas del mundo: la fábrica de neumáticos radiales para camión de Double Coin en Tailandia.

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The Key Variables in TBR Tires

What variables typically exist in looking for a medium/heavy truck tire?

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Rubber Sap to Robots; Plant Video Explains it All

Talk about an interesting juxtaposition . . . the 360-degree virtual video tour of the new Double Coin TBR and OTR plant in Thailand begins with rubber sap being collected from trees much the way it was done by the Mayans and Aztecs a thousand years ago.

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Take a Virtual Tour of Our New Tire Plant

Have you ever seen rubber sap extracted from a tree? How about a robot building tires?

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Say Goodbye to Heavy and Light Splices in Truck Tires

Many components on Class 8 tractors are evolving at an unbelievable technological pace. You can count tires in that category.

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