The Key Variables in TBR Tires

What variables typically exist in looking for a medium/heavy truck tire?

Depending on the wheel position (steer, drive, trailer) there are a number of key elements to be expected:


Due to the type of demands exercised on a steer axle, such as mass transfer during braking, cornering, etc., steer tires typically have these attributes:

  • 4 or 5 straight solid ribs that will support lateral forces created during normal handling, cornering and by wind drag.
  • Pattern design and compound resistant to irregular wear in long/medium haul service or cut and chip resistant for on-off service.
  • Tread depth balanced to deliver long tread life while delivering low rolling resistance for higher fuel efficiency.


Depending on the type of operation, there are several options in tire design for a drive axle position: rib, mixed, lugs. Since in most cases high torque is required and weather conditions change from dry to wet to ice, the most common factors are:rlb400 cropped-1

  • Pattern design with closed shoulder (shoulder ribs) for long haul service to prevent irregular wear and provide good handling. The Double Coin RLB400 is a great example of an excellent performing closed shoulder drive tire with outstanding tread wear and traction.
  • Pattern design with open shoulder (shoulder lugs) for added traction capabilities. Double Coin recently introduced a new fuel-efficient open shoulder drive tire that offers biting edges across the tread to enhance grip and traction on Double Coin RLB452-1slippery road surfaces. The RLB452 is a great complement to the popular RLB1 open shoulder drive tire.
  • Deep tread for long tread life and low rolling resistance for fuel economy.


Trailer tires have the slowest wear rate of all wheel positions because they: a) Do not steer the vehicle, b) Are not driven by the engine (no torque), c) Hold relatively light loads.

  • Shallow tread delivers longer life and low irregular wear.
  • Strong solid shoulders for strong dragging forces and scrub.
  • Special compound for low rolling resistance.

We encourage you to talk to your Double Coin dealer about the right tire specs. for your operation. Getting that right will go a long way toward reducing your tire operating costs! 

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