Elevating Ground Handling Operations: GSE Tires

In the bustling world of aviation, every component counts towards seamless operations and passenger safety. Among these crucial elements, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) tires stand out as unsung heroes on the tarmac. Let's explore why Double Coin GSE tires are paramount for optimizing ground handling operations.

  1. Safety Above All: At Double Coin, safety is not just a priority; it's a commitment. Our GSE tires undergo rigorous testing to withstand heavy loads and demanding conditions typical of airport environments. From towing dollies to baggage carts, our tires offer unmatched stability and traction, keeping ground personnel and aircraft safe during all phases of ground handling.
  2. Efficiency Redefined: We understand the importance of efficiency in airport operations. That's why Double Coin GSE tires are engineered for optimal performance. With low rolling resistance and exceptional durability, our tires minimize fuel consumption and wear, translating to significant cost savings and reduced maintenance downtime.
  3. Preserving Infrastructure: Airports invest substantial resources in maintaining their infrastructure. Double Coin GSE tires play a vital role in this endeavor by minimizing damage to runways, taxiways, and aprons. Our tires are designed to distribute weight evenly and feature tread patterns that mitigate surface wear, ensuring longevity for airport surfaces.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run: While the initial investment in quality tires may seem higher, Double Coin GSE tires offer unparalleled value over their lifespan. By reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance, our tires deliver long-term cost savings, making them the preferred choice for airport operators worldwide.
  5. Reliability That Soars: Time is of the essence in aviation. Double Coin GSE tires are engineered for reliability, enabling swift and safe ground handling operations. With our tires, airport personnel can trust in consistent performance, contributing to on-time departures and arrivals for airlines and passengers alike.

Double Coin has two cutting-edge tires tailored specifically for airport ground support equipment (GSE) applications.

These latest additions underscore Double Coin's unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier solutions for the aviation industry, marking a significant leap forward in enhancing ground handling operations.

Tony Cresta, Director of Product Management at Double Coin, expressed enthusiasm about the new releases, stating, "Working closely with our esteemed partners, we identified the REM-26 and REM-4 designs as optimal choices for exceptional performance within this specialized segment."

The REM-26, designed for industrial steer-position applications in GSE, boasts a range of features tailored to meet the demands of airport environments:

  • All-steel radial casing ensures outstanding wear resistance, operator comfort, and maximum operational efficiency.
  • Deep grooved ribs provide superior traction in diverse weather conditions, ensuring reliability regardless of the environment.
  • Stone-rejecting structures and durable tread compounds work in tandem to minimize punctures and reduce maintenance costs significantly.

Meanwhile, the REM-4, engineered for industrial drive position tasks in GSE, offers its own set of advantages:

  • Like its counterpart, the REM-4 features an all-steel radial casing, guaranteeing exceptional durability and operator comfort.
  • Its design emphasizes excellent traction in all weather conditions, ensuring reliability and performance under any circumstances.
  • Stone-rejecting structures and robust tread compounds contribute to decreased punctures and enhanced durability, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Both tires are designed to cater to the unique demands of airport ground support operations, providing Double Coin customers with specialized solutions tailored to this increasingly critical segment of the aviation industry.

Cresta further emphasized the significance of these releases, stating, "The REM-26 and REM-4 epitomize our commitment to maintaining our premium quality position while offering our partners enhanced options and exceptional value in the airport handling equipment segment."

With the introduction of these innovative tires, Double Coin continues to raise the bar in aviation ground support, empowering airports worldwide with reliable, high-performance solutions designed to meet the challenges of modern air travel.

Click here for the REM-26 spec sheet.

Click here the REM-4 spec sheet.

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