Beyond the Tread: The Crucial Role of Tire Construction in Performance

Tire construction plays a critical role in optimizing attributes like wear, rolling resistance, load distribution, traction and durability. It also varies significantly depending on the intended application. Some tires, like those in urban settings, require rugged rubber compunds, which emphasizes durability over fuel economy, especially well-suited for challenging urban delivery settings. Meanwhile, tires in an […]

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Superlatives for Double Coin’s RLB400 Closed Shoulder Drive Tire

Talk to trucking professionals who’ve ridden on Double Coin’s RLB400 closed shoulder drive tire and you hear such superlatives as “great wear,” “dependable traction” and “sturdy casing” for retreading.

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Oil Drilling is Up; Double Coin’s RLB800 Ready to Serve!

The number of rotary drilling rigs exploring oil and natural gas and developing wells in North America is steadily increasing.

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Winter is Coming! We Have Your Open Shoulder Drive Tires

Brrr! The 2022 Old Farmer’s Almanac comes with a winter warning: Prepare for a “Season of Shivers.” This winter will be punctuated by below-average temperatures across most of the United States. 

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On The Road & Slogging Through Mud

We received this question recently on our Facebook page from an owner operator:  My rig spends a good deal of time on the road, yet also slogs through the mud and on crushed stone going to construction sites? What is the best compromise in terms of such variables as tread pattern and compound?

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Winter is Coming! Maybe Time for Open Shoulder Drive Tires

Accuweather’s team of long-range forecasters released its annual predictions for the upcoming winter season this week. Some regions, such as the Northeast, will see somewhat of a break in the snow, but folks across the Great Lakes and Midwest will want to brace for some bitter spells of wintry weather. Wet and snowy conditions are […]

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New Sizes for Open Shoulder Drive Tire & 5-Rib Tire

We are pleased to announce the addition of new tire sizes for the Double Coin RLB452 open shoulder drive-position tire and Double Coin RR202 5-rib highway service tire.

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Jackson Hole Fleet Gains Traction with RLB400

Paul Sandretto of Wyoming stopped by our booth last week at the CONEXPO conference to tell us how much he likes the Double Coin RLB400 closed shoulder drive tire.

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Double Coin RLB400 Beats the General D460 — 11% and 15%

Greg Fisher at Ken’s Tire, a big believer in Double Coin tires for years, received interesting test results recently on the RLB400 drive tire versus the General D460.

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What’s Driving Your Drive Tire Decisions?

There’s no question about the general purpose of drive tires – they’re engineered specifically for the drive axle position to transform torque into traction.

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    Double Coin tires deliver exceptional value for a wide variety of commercial applications, including trucking, construction, mining, ports and agriculture. Our goal is to provide valuable information for those working in these industries.

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    @Huayi, Canada’s marketer and distributor for @DoubleCoinTires Truck (TBR) and Radial Off-The-Road (OTR) tires announced its participation at @TruckWorldShow tradeshow from April 18th through April 20th in #Mississauga, Ontario.

    🛫✨ Introducing the future of airport ground support! Meet the REM-26 steer and REM-4 drive tires by Double Coin and CMA. Engineered specifically for the rigorous demands of airport ground support environments, these tires promise unparalleled endurance and performance. 🚜💪

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    Just Landed! Double Coin launches tires for Airport Ground Support Operations (GSE). The REM-26 is an industrial steer-position tire, and the REM-4 is an industrial drive-position tire.

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    Just Landed! Introducing Double Coin airport ground support equipment (GSE) applications tires. The REM-26 is an industrial steer-position tire, and the REM-4 is an industrial drive-position tire.

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