Superlatives for Double Coin’s RLB400 Closed Shoulder Drive Tire

Talk to trucking professionals who’ve ridden on Double Coin's RLB400 closed shoulder drive tire and you hear such superlatives as “great wear,” “dependable traction” and “sturdy casing” for retreading.


Paul Sandretto-1

We never "tire" of hearing that the RLB400 performs at a very high level. When you factor in acquisition cost with performance on the road and retreading, it delivers a low total cost of ownership that is hard to beat. The Double Coin US distribution centers are well stocked with RLB400s, so we encourage fleets and owner operators to experience the performance first-hand.

"I'm getting great wear, and the traction is as good as anything I've driven on," says owner operator Glen Rice who has been running on RLB400s (LP24.5) for years now.  Last time we checked, Rice had 311,000 miles on his current set with a good bit of tread left.

Rice says he gives his Double Coin drive tires "an important assist" by adjusting his vehicle alignment two to three times a year and regularly checking his tire air pressure.

"I'm under a lot of different types of trailers in addition to bobtailing, so it is important to continually check my air pressure relative to the load," he notes.

Owner operator Paul Sandretto (pictured to the right) says he has “virtually eliminated flat tires” on his drive axle since going with RLB400s several years ago.

Sandretto, who drives in the harsh Wyoming winters, is very impressed with the tread wear and is thankful for the traction. "We are required to run in the snow, ice and mud and this tire does very well with dependable traction in the bad weather," he says.

"We sell a whole lot of RLB400s; without question one of the best drive tires in the market," says longtime Alabama tire dealer Ed Westmoreland of Westmoreland Tire. “Double Coin casings are sturdy, worth as much as any casing in the market bar none."

An extra deep 30/32" tread with stone drilling protectors promotes long original mileage in the RLB400, and the closed shoulder tread design provides even wear. Its multi-extruded tread package promotes cooler running, which preserves casing integrity and promotes multiple retreads.

Click here the RLB400 spec. sheet.

Click here for the Double Coin TBR warranty.


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