On The Road & Slogging Through Mud

We received this question recently on our Facebook page from an owner operator:  My rig spends a good deal of time on the road, yet also slogs through the mud and on crushed stone going to construction sites? What is the best compromise in terms of such variables as tread pattern and compound?

An excellent question! A careful selection of pattern and compound must be considered.  For instance, there is a strong compromise between a wear resistance compound and cut and chip resistance compound; they are at opposite sides of the spectrum.

The tire industry is actually moving in the direction of developing products that are ultra-specialized to precisely meet specific service options.  This being said, there are versatile tires that can offer a fair balance between two operating conditions if the conditions are close to each other on the spectrum. The fleet must be careful in defining the top and bottom ranges for a proper tire selection.

Double Coin RLB1

This open shoulder drive tire is indeed versatile -- Smooth, dependable ride on the road and really inspires confidence off the road in the mud, slush, snow and ice.

Here's what Double Coin customer Chris Diehl has to say:

"They grip real good on the snow and ice," he said, noting that he hauls a dump Chris Diehltrailer and sometimes a hopper. "I very seldom get stuck."

Chris (pictured to the right) has worked for Ray's Trucking for 12 years as a driver and chief mechanic. He said he began using the RLB1s on the drive axle about eight years ago and had previous experience with RLB1-1Firestone and Dayton drive tires. "The Double Coins just seem to turn the corners easier and they clean out better. They've been a tremendous asset for us."

The Double Coin RLB1/RLB11 drive-position tire delivers long tire life with its deep 26/32” tread depth. It features an aggressive and deep open shoulder tread design that provides a biting grip and solid traction in rain, snow and mud.

Double Coin RLB400rlb400 cropped

If you're looking for a drive tire that delivers long tread wear, along with dependable on-road traction, the closed shoulder RLB400 deserves a look.

Here's what Double Coin customer Glen Rice has to say about the RLB400. Glen has been running Double Coin RLB400s (LP24.5s) for nearly three years. His mileage on this set is 311,000 and he has 13/32nds tread remaining! 

"I'm getting great wear, and the traction is as good as anything I've driven on," he said.  

The RLB400 features an extra deep 30/32" tread with stone drilling protectors which help deliver long original mileage. The closed shoulder tread design provides even wear. 

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