Oil Drilling is Up; Double Coin's RLB800 Ready to Serve!

The number of rotary drilling rigs exploring oil and natural gas and developing wells in North America is steadily increasing.

The Department of Interior is resuming leasing for oil and natural gas on public lands in an effort to combat rising energy costs.

According to The North American Rotary Rig Count, rig units are up 62.3% in the last 12 months (as of March 2022) compared to the same time period last year.

oil rig chart

RLB800-heroThis is where the Double Coin RLB800, a premium deep tread on/off highway severe service drive-position tire, enters the picture. The RLB800 is ideal for the oil field service trucks, such as swab rigs, winch trucks and vacuum trucks.

The RLB800, which is backed by the Double Coin 7 year manufacturer warranty on TBR tires, is an open shoulder drive tire with:

  • Deep biting edges that provide tremendous gripping power in the roughest rain, mud and snow conditions.
  • A 29/32” tread depth that delivers durability and long tread life.
  • Aggressive tread for excellent traction in the harsh conditions often encountered on oil and natural gas sites.
  • Chip, cut and abrasion resistant compound that protects against sharp edged rocks that can shorten a tire’s life prematurely.

The RLB800 is available in these sizes: 10.00R20 (available in 16 and 18 ply), 11R22.5 (16 ply), 11R24.5 (16 ply), 12R2.5 (18 ply) and 12.00R24 (NHS, 18 ply).

rotary drilling rig


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