Winter is Coming! Maybe Time for Open Shoulder Drive Tires

Accuweather's team of long-range forecasters released its annual predictions for the upcoming winter season this week. Some regions, such as the Northeast, will see somewhat of a break in the snow, but folks across the Great Lakes and Midwest will want to brace for some bitter spells of wintry weather. Wet and snowy conditions are predicted for the Northwest.

If you'll be hauling in wintry conditions soon, we have Double good news for you! Truck on snowy highwayDouble Coin has a new fuel-efficient open shoulder drive tire that offers biting edges across the tread to enhance grip and traction on slippery road surfaces.

The RLB452 is a great complement to the popular RLB1 open shoulder drive tire.

Double Coin RLB452-1RLB452

The traction performance on this tire is outstanding on wet and snow covered roads. Long wear is achieved by a deep 28/32nds of tread depth. It also includes Double Coin’s 7-year warranty and 3 retread warranty. We have been building up our inventory of RLB452 tires in anticipation of winter.

We want our loyal customers to know, however, that we are not discontinuing the older, yet very popular, RLB1 open shoulder drive tire. Here's a story about one of our owner operator customers who depends on his RLB1 tires to haul grain out of muddy Midwest farms. 

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