Spread Axles Take a Special Tire . . . like the Double Coin RR150

If a trailer tire delivers long tread life, a retreadable casing and low rolling resistance, it's done its job right? Not so fast for the spread axle . . . it must also guard against shoulder abrasion.

For spread axle trailers – three-axle trailers and the like – you have an axle position that undergoes significantly more lateral force that can produce high amounts of abrasion on the shoulder. Trailer tires for this application need to be engineered to resist this type of wear, while still delivering high fuel efficiency, mileage and a good casing.

ed_westmorelandWhen longtime Alabama tire dealer Ed Westmoreland says the Double Coin RR150 is "probably the best spread axle tire in the industry," you can take it to the bank . . . he's been selling tires for more than 50 years now.

"The Double Coin RR150 is extremely durable on the spread axle," Westmoreland says. "The Bridgestone R196 is a good tire but it does not last asDouble_Coin_RR150.jpg long as the RR150 and it costs about 75 percent more."

The all-position RR150 (pictured to the right) has a 5-rib tread design with wide shoulders that provide an excellent defense against shoulder scrubbing and nice even wear through the tread life.

A deep 19/32” original tread depth also contributes to long original tread life.

And what about retreading? Westmoreland Tire operates two Bandag plants, and Double Coin casings are "worth as much as any casing in the market bar none," according to Westmoreland.

All Double Coin TBR products are backed with a seven year, three retread warranty

RR150 specs-1We appreciate everyone at Westmoreland Tire for their support and wish them many successful years ahead. 








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