3 New Sizes for Double Coin RR706 Mixed Service Tire

We're pleased to announce that Double Coin has added three new tire sizes to our RR706 mixed service truck tire.

This is great news for fleets and owner operators in the construction, waste and Double Coin RR706.jpgrefuse industries . . . and the Double Coin dealers who serve them.

Engineered with advanced compounds and ultra-durable casings, the RR706 is one tough all-position tire that excels in heavy applications and high-scrub environments. It is also built with a rugged tread design for maximum traction on and off-road.

Introduced two years ago, the RR706 is a proven performer with a casing construction that enhances performance and retreadability. It is also engineered with chip/cut resistant tread compounds for increased service life.

The RR706 is now available in three more popular sizes: 11R22.5/16, 11R24.5/16 and 12R24.5/16. A 12R22.5/18 and a 315/80R22.5 size with a 10,000 lb. single tire load capacity are coming soon.

Like all Double Coin truck tires, the RR706 is backed by a 7-year warranty and its casings are warranted for 3 retreads.


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