Jackson Hole Fleet Gains Traction with RLB400

Paul Sandretto of Wyoming stopped by our booth last week at the CONEXPO conference to tell us how much he likes the Double Coin RLB400 closed shoulder drive tire.

It was a familiar story we hear from many customers, but believe me, we Paul Sandrettonever tire (no pun intended!) of hearing it.

"We’ve gone with Double Coins on five of our semis, particularly the RLB400 drive tire. We get about three years out of it and have virtually eliminated all flat tires," Sandretto said.

He is very impressed with the tread wear and is thankful for the traction. "We are required to run in the snow, ice and mud and this tire does very well with traction in the bad weather," Sandretto noted.

Here's a brief video interview with Paul: 

Sandretto works for Westwood Curtis Construction in Jackson Hole, WY. This well-respected company has been business more than than 30 years serving the Central Rocky Mountain Region.  Their projects include: roads and driveways, installed water systems, sewer lines, storm drainages, large and small scale earth moving, residential and commercial foundations, levees, demolition, bridges and many other civil engineering projects.  

westwood curtis

We receive feedback like this often on the RLB400 drive tire. An extra deep RLB400W30/32" tread with stone drilling protectors promotes long original mileage in the RLB400, and the closed shoulder tread design provides even wear.

Here's some thoughts from our dealers on the RLB400:

ed_westmoreland.jpg"We sell a whole lot of RLB400s; without question one of the best drive tires in the market." Also, "Double Coin casings are worth as much as any casing in the market bar none."

-- Longtime Alabama tire dealer Ed Westmoreland of Westmoreland Tire

fred.jpg"The RLB400 is among my favorite drive tires. It balances well and holds uniformity . . . and the Double Coin casings have very dependable retreadability."

-- Fred Morton of Morton Supplies, a longtime and well respected Illinois retreader.

"The RLB400 is one of the best drive tires on the market. The quality of the tire at its price level is hard to beat. It also has a great casing for retreading."

-- Rick Stewart of Action Tire, a commercial tire dealer and retreader with 13 stores in the Atlanta area and Alabama.

Please click below if you would like to learn more about the RLB400.


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