Make the Smart Move With Double Coin's SmartMoney Fleet Program

A growing number of North American fleets are discovering that Double Coin commercial tires provide long and dependable service, retreadability, and a cost-per-mile that compares favorably to the best known brands.

Here's just one example of how a California fleet has saved money with Double Coin by reducing downtime in its fleet which hauls slabs of granite for the Arizona Tile Company.SmartMoney_Fleet_Program_brochure

The SmartMoney Fleet Program is a great way to benefit from the Double Coin value proposition. It allows all types of fleets to purchase high quality and competitively priced Double Coin TBR and ROTR tires at over 1,000 points of sale across North America.

No matter where you are operating, you can get the same competitive pricing you’re used to. With the program, you’ll just need to go to one of our authorized truck stops or dealer locations and you can have peace of mind that you will get standardized pricing throughout the country. Call 888-226-5250 or click here for more information.

Speaking of smart moves, please click here or on the banner below to enter our monthly drawing contest to win a free set of Double Coin steer tires, including mounting and balancing. A winner will be announced shortly after the contest ends on Aug. 31, 2015. 


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