Radialization in Small OTR Tires

The new Double Coin plant in Thailand, which incorporates some of the most advanced tire-making equipment in the world, began OTR radial production at a good time:

  • Demand for OTR radials is up.
  • More and more small OTR tread patterns are radial, as opposed to bias.

We are getting rave reviews on the OTR, TBR and industrial tires arriving in North America from our highly advanced plant. Please click below to take a quick 360-degree video tour of the facility.

Click here to take a virtual tour of our plant. You can use your mouse to look around the plant at any time.

Demand is thereDouble Coin dozer

The US replacement OTR market is expected to experience modest growth in 2020 after a solid showing this year. There is growth in construction, particularly in the sun belt, and aggregates are doing well as a result.

The equipment rental business is very robust, which offers an opportunity for Double Coin dealers.

The industrial tire sector — ports, terminals, rail yards, heavy manufacturing — continues to grow as well, while mining is holding steady.

Radialization continues

Construction, earth moving and grading applications that put on relatively high mileage are seeing the benefits of radial tires because they last longer, reduce fuel consumption, and increase the transfer of horsepower to the ground. 

Constructed with steel belts to protect the tread area, radials offer enhanced load-carrying capacity and generate less heat when hauling at higher speeds and longer distances. Therefore, OTR radials are a good fit for haulage, loaders and graders. Bias tires are a better fit for job sites with more stationary work and less travel.

Here are two of the most popular Double Coin OTR radials rolling out of our Thai plant:

Double Coin REM-10 E3/L3double coin rem10-1

The OEM Certified REM-10 E3/L3 haulage OTR tire features a multi-function, non-directional tread design for optimum performance. Designed for the rugged needs of articulating trucks, the REM-10 OTR is built with a unique center block tread design that delivers superior off-the-road traction and a smooth ride in all types of terrain.

Double Coin REM-2Double Coin REM-2 E3/L3

The Double Coin REM-2 E3/L3 Off-The-Road radial features an aggressive self-cleaning tread design. Engineered to deliver a smooth ride and superior traction in all types of terrain, the REM-2 is also OEM certified. It has an advanced casing design that promotes retreadability.





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