OTR Tire Industry Looking Strong!

The off-the-road (OTR) and specialty tire market is enjoying high demand for its products, although supply-chain disruption continues to be a challenge, according to Tire Business magazine.

REM-9 with backgroundMining

Tire industry experts are anticipating a strong finish for the OTR/specialty tire market in 2022 and a solid start in 2023 due in part to historically strong mining commodity pricing (copper and gold in particular). They noted, however, that the industry continues to face headwinds in labor, parts, shipping and global economic volatility, according to Tire Business.


Speaking of mining, the Double Coin REM-9 (E-4) haulage tire offers special compounds to withstand severe mining applications, extend tire life and promote long-term retreadability.

Additionally, the REM-9 is designed with a non-directional center rib tread pattern for enhanced off-the-road traction. A deep tread depth also helps extend tire life in a wide variety of operating conditions.


REM-8 social image-2Construction

The experts quoted by Tire Business also saw positive trends in the construction and aggregates segments with solid job growth. The infrastructure package has provided financial resources and supplied raw materials needed for investments in EV, green energy, utilities and other key infrastructure areas.


The Double Coin REM-8 high-speed crane tire will be seeing lots of action on infrastructure projects. This radial, U.S. DOT approved for on-highway use, is designed with a universal tread pattern to help minimize fuel consumption, improve traction and deliver a more comfortable ride.

North America boasts an unrivaled array of OTR tire needs to cover a very diverse set of industries – surface mining, underground, crane, port, construction and quarry. Productivity is the name of the game, and Double Coin OTR tires are proving their worth with outstanding durability, traction, tread wear and retreadability.


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