Sapp Bros. Delights Customers with Double Coin Tires

Double Coin truck tires are an easy sell for Sapp Bros. Travel Centers, which began carrying the brand about one year ago.

Jeff Rowlett (pictured on the right with Sapp Bros. Shop Coordinator Chris Parker at the Sapp_Bros._-_cropped.jpgrecent Mid America Trucking Show) handles tire buying for the chain of travel centers headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. He says Sapp Bros. has many repeat customers for the Double Coin brand.

"We have lots of regular customers who are very happy with the brand," Rowlett says. "The name is well known and once people try them, they find good value in the Double Coin tires."

Sapp Bros., which operates 16 travel centers and is adding a 17th this year, has built a sterling reputation for outstanding customer service, top-notch facilities and a longstanding guarantee to beat anyone's price. Double Coin tires are a good fit for the company's value proposition.RLB400W.jpg

 Rowlett says the Double Coin RLB400 closed shoulder drive position tire (pictured to the left), RR202 5-rib service tire, and RR150 5-rib steer/all-position tire are all big sellers for Sapp Bros., while the RR680 regional all-position tire is growing in popularity.

We are very proud of our relationship with Sapp Bros., a good group of folks and quality organization. We look forward to continue supplying them with Double Coin tires and proving to their customers that "the Smart Money is on Double Coin."

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