Smith Hauling Wins Double Coin Tire Drawing

Tom Anthony, fleet operations manager for Smith Hauling, Inc., likes the fact that Double Coin tires "come at a good price and last just as long as the more expensive tires." So he was thrilled to learn that he was the winner of Double Coin's second "Smart Money Tire Drawing."

RLB1.jpgTom was randomly selected from all eligible entries to receive a free set of Double Coin drive-position tires. For his free set of tires, Tom selected four RLB1 (size 11R24.5) open shoulder drive-position tires (pictured to the right).

He said he's been running on Double Coin tires for about four years now since he was appointed operations manager for Smith Hauling's eastern Pennsylvania office. In addition to the RLB1 drive tires on his four-axle Kenworth tractors, Tom said he's had very good experience with Double Coin RT500 trailer tires.

smith_hauling.jpg"Our guys typically run 150,000-pound plus loads dirt to dirt, and are loaded about 80 percent of the time; not your normal tractor trailer operations. So I need tires that work well on and off the road and can handle these heavy loads," he noted.  "We've been very pleased with the Double Coin tires."

Smith Hauling, out of Oliveburg, Pennsylvania, is an equipment moving business that services mining, construction and other industries in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. Their services include heavy haul trucking, heavy equipment ttransportation, cranes and rigging services, and machinery moving services.

smith_hauling_2.jpgTom says Smith Hauling is staying busy despite the downturn in the coal industry. "We did a lot in the coal industry, so we've had to diversify more into construction and other industries," he noted.

His tire dealer is John Wandishin of McCarthy Tire who he says does a great job of learning their business and "doing what he says he's going to do."

A native of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Tom has heard all about "Punxsutawney Phil," the weather prognosticating ground hog. Growing up in a farming community, however, he does not put much stock in Phil's predictions and is not a big fan of ground hogs in general.

But we are very glad that he is a fan of Double Coin tires and wish him and Smith Hauling much success in the future!


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