Another Owner Operator in the Double Coin RLB400 300K Club

Since publishing the story on a Florida owner operator getting 385,000 miles on his Double Coin RLB400 drive tires, we've received many more testimonials . . . like the one from Nashville owner operator Dustin Kauten who drives a Volvo VT880.

Dustin, one of our Facebook fans, runs a regular route twice a day, hauling cardboard from the Nashville area to Louisville and then auto parts back down.

His first truck, also a Volvo, came with Double Coin RLB400 drive tires; he logged 150,000 miles on those tires before selling the truck to get a 2006 VT880, which also came with RLB400's. His current Volvo (pictured below) has been upgraded from 625 to 800 hp and 2,250 to 3,300 torque, so it transfers lots of power to the road.

dustin's rig.jpg

Dustin says he currently has 300,000 miles on his RLB400 tires, and they have about 5/32's of tread remaining.

"I am most definitely sold on the RLB400's," he told me. "They not only deliver unbelievable wear but also great traction. I sometimes make runs out west, and I never need chains unless state law requires them."

rlb400 cropped.jpgThe RLB400 (pictured to the left) features an extra deep 30/32" tread and solid shoulder ribs for good handling and maximum traction. Its multi-extruded tread package promotes cooler running, which preserves casing integrity and promotes multiple retreads.

Dustin, 29, had an interesting career before getting into trucking; he was a professional gamer! He competed and provided lessons for StarCraft, Gran Turismo and other online games. He quit about six years ago when his passion became "more work than fun."

Dustin is now enjoying a rewarding trucking career, especially since he stopped working with brokers and established his own steady customers. "I'm home every night, and I'm making a good living," he says.

We look forward to hearing from Dustin about the final mileage on his current set of RLB400's, and we wish him all the best. He says his next truck purchase will be a 379, '99 or older.

There is not an official "300 mile club" for RLB400 owners, but maybe we should create one. It would have plenty of members!





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