Owner Operator Gets 385,000 Miles on RLB400 Drive Tires

Owner operator Carl Andrioff is accustomed to getting long tread wear from his Double Coin RLB400 drive tires, but even he was surprised by his latest results -- 385,000 miles!

We receive great testimonials on our RLB400 closed shoulder drive tire all the carl_andrioff_-_low_res..jpgtime, but I have to admit that even I was astonished when Carl called me the other day with the news.

With his company Rocket Express in Boca Raton, FL, Carl transports ultra-expensive cars for a very specialized, discerning customer base. He drives a 1996 W900 Kenworth with an enclosed air ride trailer. His Kenworth is powered by a 3406E Caterpillar engine with 800 HP and an Eaton Fuller 18-speed transmission.

The tractor-trailer combination weighs 59,420 pounds and his total load weight is typically in the 80,000 pound range. Carl put his latest set of RLB400's (285/75R24.5 RLB400 14 ply) on about 3.5 years ago.

Carl says he checks his tire air pressure every other day, and the folks at Southeast Truck Specialists in Pompano Beach align his Kenworth once or twice a year - both very important for optimum tire wear!

rlb400 cropped.jpgThe RLB400 (pictured to the left) features an extra deep 30/32" tread and solid shoulder ribs for good handling and maximum traction. Its multi-extruded tread package promotes cooler running, which preserves casing integrity and promotes multiple retreads.

"I knew the RLB400's wear like concrete, but my latest results are simply astounding," Carl told me.

Carl has Double Coin RR202 ultra premium 5-rib tires (315/80R22.5 20 ply) on his steer axle. This heavy-duty highway service tire is perfect for multiple applications including heavy loads and transport buses.

I was glad to hear from Carl that his business was up this year over last, so I asked him his secret to customer service. "I do what I tell my customers I was going to do, which is really important when you are hauling cars worth $500,000 or more," he says. "And if I'm going to miss a deadline for some reason, I let them know immediately. My customers don't like surprises."

We wish Carl safe travels and many more years of business success on his Double Coin tires!




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