5 Keys to Success for Aiwohi Bros. Trucking in Oahu

If you’re looking for a formula for running a successful trucking business, you may do well to check out Aiwohi Bros. Inc. on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Operated by husband and wife team, Mark and Angel Aiwohi, the company has mark and angel.jpg25 trucks (Kenworth and Peterbilt) and a selection of lowboy, flat rack and end dump trailers used for hauling aggregates and construction machines to job sites.

Lesson #1 – Play to Your Individual Strengths; Work as a Team

Mark is the operations manager and a driver at heart. He became interested in truck driving at a very early age and got his CDL when he turned 18. He still drives on most days because he loves it. Angel’s experience is in business management and human resources. The company has thrived under her management expertise.

Lesson #2 – Follow the Golden Rule . . . With Employees and Customers

“We strive to treat people, our employees and our customers, the way we want to be treated,” Angel says. “If you want respect, you have to give respect. We’ve hired a lot of good people who have become great employees.”

aiwohi team.jpg

Lesson #3 – Team Up With Good Suppliers

Aiwohi Bros. Inc. gets their tires and tire services from Aaron Kahalewai, owner of Pacific Tire in Honolulu (1040 Sand Island Parkway; 808-833-8473), who has done a terrific job providing Double Coin tires to fleet customers and owner operators on the Island of Oahu.

“Aaron is a people person, first and foremost,” Mark notes. “He knows how to take care of his customers. We live on a small island, so a good reputation for taking care of your customers goes a long way here.”

rlb400 cropped.jpgLesson #4 – Find the Best Value Proposition With Your Equipment

“You get your money’s worth out of the Double Coins,” according to Mark. “When Aaron came into the market with Double Coin, the price was very attractive to us. We learned that the Double Coin quality was better for your dollar versus the other brands.”

Mark says the company was using Goodyear and Michelin before switching to Double Coin about eight years ago.

They run on five different Double Coin products:

RT500 -- low profile all-position, multi-use tire featuring a 5-rib tread pattern and special tread compounds that promote long wear in high scrub applications.

RLB900+ -- wide base mixed service, all-position tire featuring a deep tread designed for long original mileage and good flotation properties.

RR202 – heavy-duty 5-rib tire perfect for multiple applications including heavy loads.

RT606+– all-position 5-rib design engineered for rugged P&D, urban and regional applications.

RLB400 (pictured above) – closed shoulder drive tire with extra deep tread for long mileage.

Lesson #5 – Give Back to the Community

The company has a non-profit youth boxing club with a boxing ring next to their main office. Through boxing, Mark teaches young kids the importance of sportsmanship and helps keep them off the street. Their son was their first student.

There are certainly a variety of paths to success for trucking companies, but following these five lessons has worked extremely well for Aiwohi Bros.

We are thrilled that Double Coin is part of their family and wish them much success with their trucking operation and boxing club!  



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