Top 5 Tips for Trucking Owner Operators

At Palmetto Yacht Management, we've been hauling boats and yachts up and down the East Coast for 10 years now. I've been thinking about the keys to success for owner operators and would like to share my top 5:

  1. Time management is key. We are only given a specific number of hours to operate, so you must make the most of your day. Every wasted minute stuck in traffic or at truck stops diminishes your potential productivity. The key to maximizing your time is good planning. Ensure that your stops are strategically planned around traffic/cities/scales and other potential time wasting hazards!chris_hanna_duramax.jpg
  2. Pay me now or pay me later! As an old friend once stated “A nickel is holding up a dollar.” Never choose to simply “patch” a problem! You should always fix it no matter the cost! Patching it will only cost you more in the end. This is tough initially when funds are tight, but the key to overcoming it is to get ahead of the eight ball and solve the problem when it first presents itself.
  3. Communication. When working with others, such as coordinating pickup and delivery locations, good communication is essential! If you begin to run behind schedule, let someone know so they can adjust their schedule and plan accordingly to ensure you don’t encounter a further delay upon arrival. In today’s world, communication is too easy! Everyone has the world in the palm of their hands with the latest smart phones. The question is, can you use it to maximize your efficiency?
  4. Staying healthy. Your body is a machine just like your rig! If you consume junk, expect that same junky performance from your body! It is no different than filling up your truck with trashy fuel. It is extremely easy to eat fast food at every truck stop. However, the path of least resistance usually leads to the prize of least reward. Take that extra time to pack a cooler or fridge full of Clean Eatz food which can be found all over the country in different cities. Take that extra step to hit the gym in the morning or evening (whenever makes the most sense for time management of your schedule). It may be a struggle at first, but your body will pay you dividends 10 fold!
  5. Having a stable home life!  You must know that everything on the home front

Chris_and_Robbie.jpgis well taken care of in order to stay focused on your overall success on the road. That's why I am so thankful for Robbie! She provides great support in the business and at home. If your mind is clouded with home drama and concerns, it’s equivalent to trying to drive with a dirty windshield! Keep the mind clear and focused on the job/business aspect of being on the road! 

Actually, I have one more tip --do your research and invest in the right equipment for your application. I've written past blog posts on the trucks I've used - Dodge, GMC and Ford, as well as a very effective trailer hitch. Your tires are also a very important part of the equation, and I've experienced many trouble free miles on my Double Coin radials.

As a guest blogger for Double Coin, Chris Hanna shares his experiences at Palmetto Yacht Management with other owner operators.  All of his trucks ride on Double Coin tires.  


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