'97 Pete Owner Wins 8 Drive Tires

Dean Steinel has entered plenty of drawings at the Mid America Trucking Show over the years . . . with "not a whole lot of luck." That's all changed now as the Ohio owner operator is the winner of the latest Double Coin Smart Money Tire Drawing!

Steinel's name came up in a random drawing of more than 400 people who dean steinel #1.jpgentered the contest at our Mid America booth or online.

Steinel has been driving for 16 years; the last five of which have been on his own. He drives a '97 379 exhd. Peterbilt with a Vanguard reefer trailer, hauling frozen produce and chicken back and forth between Randolph, OH, and Georgia.

rlb400 cropped.jpgHe rides on 285/75R24.5 drive tires. Double Coin Midwest Sales Manager Mike McGuinness has recommended the Double Coin RLB400 closed shoulder drive tire . . . an excellent choice considering the rave reviews we receive on the RLB400 from end users and dealers.

The RLB400 (pictured to the left) features an extra deep 30/32" tread and solid shoulder ribs for good handling and maximum traction. Its multi-extruded tread package promotes cooler running, which preserves casing integrity and promotes multiple retreads.

Steinel says he loves his '97 Pete and enjoys being an owner operator, although he admits that it is not an easy living.

"I'm on the road four to six days a week, but I do have flexibility in my hours as my own boss," he says, noting that his English shepherd dog always gives him a warm welcome when he returns home.

steinel #2 cropped.jpg

Steinel says he's been thinking about giving Double Coin a try since visiting our booth. 

We wish him many productive and safe miles on our RLB400 drive tires. And we want to thank everyone who took the time to enter our Smart Money Tire Drawing at the booth or online.




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