10 Actions to Achieve 10+ MPG

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has identified 10 actions to help fleets achieve 10+ mpg in over the highway operations.

The recommendations come from the NACFE's "Run on Less" program which uses real world fleet test results to highlight the best possible use of efficiency technologies, operational practices and driver capabilities. The program demonstrates what the most innovative fleets can accomplish in terms of fuel economy and freight efficiency.

As reported by Fleet Owner magazine, here are the top 10 actions recommended by the NACFE:

  1. Build a culture of methodically choosing technologies.
  2. Keep equipment well maintained.
  3. Implement the right axle configuration.
  4. Provide tools to reduce idle time.
  5. Educate and incentivize conscientious drivers.
  6. Buy all available tractor aerodynamics.
  7. Optimize cruise control and vehicle speed.
  8. Use downsped powertrains and AMTs.
  9. Embrace low rolling resistance tires.
  10. Adopt appropriate trailer aerodynamics.

We can help on recommendation #9 with a full line-up of Double Coin fuelDouble Coin RLB452 winter square image efficient tires for every axle position.

The RLB452, for instance, is a fuel-efficient and durable regional/long-haul drive-position tire. Its unique open shoulder directional tread design delivers excellent traction in all weather and road conditions. The multi-extruded tread package also promotes cooler running, which helps to preserve casing integrity.

For every 1% improvement in rolling resistance or reduction in force, a one-third % improvement is realized in fuel economy.

The RLB452 is a great example of how Double Coin engineers utilized special compounds and tread design to enhance fuel economy, while also making sure other performance characteristics of the tread area, including wear rates, traction and irregular wear fighting capabilities, were not compromised.

Proof is in the Pudding

A fuel efficiency test conducted by an independent agency pitted Double Coin against Michelin and Continental. The results were eye opening to say the least. Click here for the test results.

Out us to the test Double Coin

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