Action Tire Celebrates 30 Years With Focus on Customer

Action Tire, a commercial tire dealer and retreader with 13 stores in the Atlanta area and Alabama, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015 in customary fashion – focusing on the customer.

 Company founder Rick Stewart (pictured below with his son Jason who serves as VP for the company) discusses the celebration, his outlook for 2016 and other matters:

Rick, congratulations on reaching 30 years! How did you celebrate?Ricky_Stewart_and_son.jpg

"We held open houses at each of our stores with a cook out, tire drawing and goodie bags. It was a lot of work but very rewarding; I got to meet a lot of existing customers and new ones. We had a good turn out at all the stores with about 200 folks at the biggest one, so we were very pleased with that considering how busy folks are."

What have been the keys to your success?

Action_Tire_Logo.jpg"We’ve developed a nice niche serving the smaller to midsize trucking fleets, as well as local users of industrial and OTR tires. I think always being honest with our customers and never taking them for granted has been key. It’s all about the service; people can buy tires anywhere. We’re not the lowest price, but our service level and integrity have kept us in a lot of accounts."

How were your sales in 2015?

"We were a little up over 2014. We were way up in units sold but had to deal with a lot of price pressure from the lower tier tires at the bottom, as I am sure was the case with many other commercial tire dealers."

How does 2016 look?

"We think it will be a pretty good year for us. We’ll still be dealing with depressed pricing but the trucking OE market should be strong again in 2016, which helps with replacement market pricing. I was talking to a larger trailer OEM recently and he said they were taking orders well into 2016. That’s encouraging. Also, small to midsize OTR tire sales should be good with construction picking up and the transportation bill getting passed."

How long have you carried Double Coin tires?RLB400W.jpg

"We’ve been carrying Double Coin for eight or nine years now, including their OTR tires. We’ve done really well with the brand, serving our core customer base of smaller to midsize fleets. It’s a great profit brand for us."

If you were to give a shout out to one particular Double Coin product, which
one would it be?

"The RLB400 (pictured to the right) is one of the best drive tires on the market. The quality of the tire at its price level is hard to beat. It also has a great casing for retreading."

We certainly value our relationship with Action Tire and wish them many more milestones in the future!   

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