Aggregates Hauler Depends on Double Coin RR202 Tires

New York owner operator Richard Klapkowski thinks the Double Coin RR202 is one tough tire! So much so, he refused to put another brand on his 2001 Peterbilt until his dealer got some more RR202's in stock.

"I had to wait for my last set but I was determined to stick with the Double Richard Klapkowski.jpgCoin's," said Klapkowski who hauls aggregates and dirt in the Westchester County area. "I've tried a lot of brands, but the Double Coin tires just offer a great combination of good acquisition price and durability."

He added, "I've tried Continental but they are pricey. If you cut them, they are junk. The Double Coin's don't cut too bad at all, and if they do, my acquisition price is much lower than the name brands."

Klapkowski (pictured above on the right talking to me at the Mid America Show earlier this year) runs the RR202's on the steer axle of his Peterbilt and lift axle on his trailer. He likes the fact that the RR202 has a 10,000 pound load carrying capacity.

RR202.jpgThe RR202 is a SmartWay®-verified, 5-rib highway service tire designed for multiple applications including heavy loads and transport buses. The 5-rib tread pattern delivers superior handling and traction. A protective sidewall rib combats curb damage and abrasion.

It is available in 11 sizes, ranging from 7.00R16 to 315/80R22.5 and ply ratings of 14 to 20.

Klapkowski has been an owner operator for eight years and drove for a company for 23 years prior to that.

He made sure to mention that he also likes his Double Coin dealer, Corsi Tire in Ossining, NY.  "They are always there when I need them whether it's early or late," he said.

We wish him the best of luck with his business and many more miles on Double Coin tires.





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