Animal Kingdom Attributes Help Promote Double Coin Brand Strengths

Since its introduction to the Americas in 1992, the Double Coin tire brand has steadily gained market share and industry acceptance. The brand’s sales growth and success fuels this year’s advertising campaign, which uses humor and iconic attributes of certain recognizable animals to creatively build on our brand strength.

The 2015 Double Coin tire ad campaign is running in several tire trade magazines and major trucking publications, including Transport Topics, Overdrive, Tire Business, Fleet Equipment and Transportes.  

Double_Coin_owl_adThe new 2015 campaign launched with the incorporation of an “elephant” and its attributes.  This ad emphasized the strength and durability built into Double Coin tires. “Strength and Endurance” was the brand theme for the previous ad campaign, which began in 2014 utilizing cross-fit athletes to convey this message.

Prior to 2014, Double Coin ad campaigns focused on “smart,” features and ideas which integrated the tagline “The Smart Money is On Double Coin” into several ad concepts. Previous to this campaign, in 2013 Double Coin developed the brand position that our tires “Outsmart” - with our truck tires outsmarting road conditions and our OTR tires outsmarting the rough terrains in which they operate. 

Adding to this year’s campaign is our use of the “wise owl” and its known traits.  It highlights “smart” choices and details how Double Coin’s Optigreen Series of SmartWay® Verified tires use fuel-saving compounds to give our customers a performance edge.

Future connections between our tires and the wonderful characteristics of the animal kingdom will highlight key Double Coin strengths such as traction and the wide variety of available tire sizes and patterns. Look for them soon. 

alligator_ad_screen_grabOur objective is to create attention-getting ads that effectively communicate the innovation, strength and durability that are built into all Double Coin tires, and we are confident that this is achieved in our 2015 campaign.

We will continue to support the brand with significant, effective advertising and develop other content to help educate fleets and owner-operators about the value and quality you’re getting with Double Coin tires, such as our new RR706 mixed service tire for construction, waste and refuse applications.  



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