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Like most industries, the tire industry has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manufacturing plants have shut down and less miles are being driven,Double Coin warehouse employee although the trucking industry has heroically remained active in order to ship vital goods across North America.

In the months to come, tire dealers and TBR/OTR/IND tire end users need to ensure they are ready when the market returns to normal and perhaps for even a surge in business to meet pent-up demand.

Double Coin is Primed to Serve You

Our state-of-the-art Thailand manufacturing facility has not been impacted. It is operating at full capacity producing TBR, OTR and IND tires for the North American market. Our other plants are also operating in good fashion. 

With continuing good supply, we recently added two warehouses in California. With the expansion of these two warehouses, our total west coast square footage Double Coin warehouse tires-1is now approximately 338,000 square feet. The two warehouses added 225,000 units to Double Coin’s capacity.

The total inventory is estimated at 90% for Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) and 10% for Off-The-Road (OTR)/Individual (IND) tires. The warehouse square footage for the east coast located in Memphis, Tennessee remains at 160,000 square feet.

We forecast Double Coin’s TBR and OTR/IND unit capacity will increase by 50% this year. There are also plans to add more warehousing sometime in 2021.

The company has a total of seven warehouses within North and Central America, Canad and Mexico. In addition to the four located in the U.S., other centers are located in Airdrie AB, Canada, Querètaro, Mexico, and San Josè, Costa Rica.

We appreciate all the owner operators, warehouse workers and others in the transportation industry keeping North America moving during this crisis. This video expresses our gratitude.




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