Decoupler Ribs Reduce Irregular Wear in Double Coin TR100 Tire

The Double Coin TR100 trailer tire includes several features that contribute to long wear . . . not the least of which are decoupler ribs.

So how does a decoupler grooved tire work?

Double Coin TR100The decoupler rib (sometimes known as the defense groove or sacrificial rib) is almost always used in wheel positions where free rolling (no torque or power to wheel) occurs -- predominately in the steering position but  also in certain trailer tires where high lateral scrubbing is to be expected.

If you are able to "decouple" the forces pushing down the sidewall and the lateral forces experienced during steering maneuvers from the tread in contact with the road surface (shoulder rib), you will reduce the excessive lateral movement between the road surface and the shoulder rib.  This results in less rapid and irregular shoulder wear.  If your tire is unable to do this, you will experience more rapid or irregular wear.de_coupler_rib

The image above is a full tire viewed by CT scan using X-rays.  Notice how the shoulders and belt edges are stressed under lateral displacement. This is why it is important that a tire have an abundance of insulation in the shoulder area and no presence of trapped air. 

The Double Coin TR100 is a shallow tread trailer position tire designed for all types of trailer applications. Built to provide superior tread life, the TR100 trailer tire (in addition to decoupler grooves) features multiple siping and wide shoulders to prevent irregular wear that occurs in free rolling positions. DC We Deliver More Value 

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