Tire Dealer Praises Double Coin RR150 for Spread Axles

When longtime Alabama tire dealer Ed Westmoreland says the Double Coin RR150 is "probably the best spread axle tire in the industry," you can take it to the bank . . . he's been selling tires for almost 50 years now.

ed_westmoreland.jpgThe well-respected 81-year-old Westmoreland (pictured to the left), owner of Westmoreland Tire in Fort Payne, AL, says the front axle in the spread configuration often slides in operation, which can very quickly tear up a tire tread.

"The Double Coin RR150 is extremely durable on the spread axle," Westmoreland says. "The Bridestone R196 is a good tire but it does not last asDouble_Coin_RR150.jpg long as the RR150 and it costs about 75 percent more."

Westmoreland has been carrying Double Coin tires for about eight years now and he receives good feedback from his trucking customers on a number of Double Coin tires, not just the RR150 (pictured to the right):

RLB1 open shoulder drive tire-- "Our logging truck customers like the RLB1 because the open shoulder does a good job of clearing out the mud and delivering traction off the road."

RT606+ 5 rib regional/all position tire -- "The RT606 does an excellent job with that deep 22/32" tread."

RLB400 closed should drive tire -- "We sell a whole lot of RLB400s; without question one of the best drive tires in the market."

Westmoreland Tire operates two Bandag plants, and Double Coin casings are "worth as much as any casing in the market bar none," according to Westmoreland.

"I was examining a casing the other day and was impressed to see that it had been capped four times," Westmoreland recalls. "It was a Double Coin."

Westmoreland adds, "Double Coin is building a really good reputation in the market and it's the best kind of reputation -- word of mouth. We have a lot of repeat customers for the brand."

Westmoreland_Tire_storefront.jpgThe same could be said for Westmoreland Tire. Headquartered in a town best known for the country music band Alabama, Westmoreland Tire has built a solid reputation for taking care of the customer and the community.

"It is not unusual for a customer to walk in, hand the keys to one of our sales people and say, 'Put on a set of tires for me; I'll be back later this afternoon," he chuckles.

At 81, Westmoreland still puts in a full day's work during the week and likes to visit with customers on Saturdays while they're having their car serviced. He says he's thankful that he has two sons and a daughter who run the critical aspects of the business, and he readily admits that he doesn't change a lot of truck tires these days.

"I get up and go to work every day. That's what I do," he says. "We take care of our customers, we sell a decent product, and we've been blessed with good suppliers like Double Coin."

We appreciate Ed and everyone at Westmoreland Tire for their support and wish them many successful years ahead.








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