Counting on Double Coin Casings for Decades


Maurice Deamel of Manitoba is retired now, but he still has strong feelings about Double Coin TBR casings . . . that's because they never, ever let him down!

"I would walk past a pile of Michelins any day for a Double Coin," says Deamel who hauled aggregates for 35 years in southern Manitoba. "I ran Double Coin recaps on my drives because the sidewalls stood up really well. I never blew a Double Coin in some really harsh operating conditions."

Deamel said he first learned about Double Coin tires at York Tire in Winnipeg, andmaurice truck after that first set of recaps, he never went back. "I had never heard of them before, but any time I get a chance to share my views on casing quality, I talk about Double Coin."

Deamel had a nice fleet of tandem rigs and rear dump trucks. He favored Kenworth T600 and T800 models with Cummins engines, but his personal truck was a Peterbilt 379 with a 350 Cummins engine. He hauled shale from his own quarry and still has painful memories about what the sharp-edged shale can do to tires.

maurice truck #2

Deamel is retired now and is enthusiastically collecting automotive memorabilia such as oil cans, advertising posters and the like. But he still keeps up with the trucking industry (it was his livelihood for 35 years after all) and he made a comment on the Double Coin Facebook page recently about how much he liked our casings.

We appreciate him reaching out and wish him and his wife all the best in this next phase of their lives!

7 year, 3 retread Warranty of Double Coin casingsretreading photo (1)

We've been tracking Double Coin casings’ performance through various channels for many years now. The data shows that our tire casings are extremely durable, and will retread as well as any major brand casings (even better according to Deamel). So in 2017 we decided to put our money where our mouth is . . . by enhancing our retread warranty to seven (7) years and three (3) retreads for all Double Coin truck and bus radial (TBR) tire products.

This retreading warranty, when combined with Double Coin’s original tread life performance, make Double Coin truck tires a compelling solution for fleets and owner operators looking to lower their tire operating costs.  


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