Double Coin Launches New Mobile Application

When you need a tire, YOU NEED A TIRE!

That is why we're pleased to announce the launch of a new Double Coin mobile Double Coin Dealer Locator appapplication available for both Apple iPhone® and Android® smartphones.

The free Double Coin mobile application uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to provide users the ability to search for Double Coin dealer locations within their geographic location as well as a specified radius search or map route. Users can also call, share, email, or get directions to a dealership at the click of a button.

We have over 1,000 authorized Double Coin dealer locations to service our customers. This app provides an intelligent and time-saving way for a customer to find service and support wherever they are.

We've discussed many times the importance of maintaining proper air inflation Double Coin Dealer Locator - inflation screen-1to get the most out of your tire investment. This new application also provides a tire inflation guide that allows users to access recommended tire inflation pressures for all Double Coin tires 24/7. You can calculate tire load limits for dual and single axle applications based on tire size and pressure.

The Double Coin mobile application is available for free download by visiting Google Play or the iTunes App Store and searching for “Double Coin Tires." 



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