Double Coin Launches Smart Money Tire Drawing

In the spirit of giving our customers the most for their money, we're pleased to launch the Smart Money Tire Drawing. Enter below for your chance to win!

We'll be the first to congratulate you if your name is selected in our drawing, but even if you don't win the contest, you can be a winner every day by getting the optimum cost-per-mile from your tires and reducing one of your biggest operating expenses.

Take the RR300 steer tire for example. Designed for long haul applications, this commercial truck tire is Isaac_photo_1engineered with extensive tread siping, and its 5-rib design minimizes irregular wear. The 19/32” tread depth also promotes long original tread life. Read this story about how Sandvik Trucking in Southern California has greatly reduced downtime by riding on RR300's. All of their equipment, like the beautiful Peterbilt pictured to the right, rides on Double Coin.

Another product included in our Smart Money Tire Drawing is the FR605 (pictured below), a fuel efficient, low rolling resistance steer-position truck tire built for multiple applications. Its EPA SmartWay® verified technology promotes fuel efficiency, long tire life and a smooth FR605ride. Built for superior handling, the FR605 commercial truck tire will deliver long-term performance and a low total cost of ownership.

Double Coin’s Smart Money Fleet Program is another way we deliver value to the transportation industry. Our program allows all types of fleets to purchase high-quality and competitively priced Double Coin TBR and ROTR tires at over 1,000 points of sale across North America.

 Double Coin’s success is based on the value premise of giving our customers the most for their money. We encourage you to contact your local Double Coin dealer for more details




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