Double Coin OTR Tires Outlasting Tier One Brands!

C5 Equipment Rentals began using Double Coin OTR radials one year ago and they are frankly surprised . . . the Double Coin tires are outlasting comparative Tier One brand tires!

Company president Brian Newman said they began with the Double Coin REM-2Brian Newman - C5 Equipment Rentals-1 (size 17.5 R25) and are now looking at putting more of their heavy equipment on Double Coin. The REM-2 tires were first put on a Caterpillar grader. 

"We've been using the Double Coins on our large earthmoving equipment for about a year now and they are working out really well," he says. "So far, they are outlasting the higher dollar brands . . . at a fraction of the cost!"


The interview with Newman was conducted at their rental yard facility in Moreno Valley, CA. Cowboy is 2.5 years old by the way. A fine looking dog!

The C5 Equipment Rentals fleet consists of 5 motor graders, 3 scrapers, 6 wheel front end loaders, 3 water trucks, 2 articulated trucks, 2 skip loaders, 2 rollers, 9 excavators, 7 dozers and 2 track skid steers. 

Double Coin dozer

C5 Equipment Rentals has been in business about 5 years and started with just 5 pieces of caterpillar equipment, thus the name C5;  They rent throughout the Southern California area from San Diego all the way north to the Santa Barbara area and everywhere in-between.

Plentiful Supply of High Quality OTR Tires

Our state-of-the-art plant in Thailand, which has not been impacted by the coronavirus, is rolling out high quality OTR radials on a daily basis. We have plenty of supply in our US warehouses! 

Double Coin REM-2-1REM-2 (E3/L3 Earthmover/loader tire

The REM-2 radial features an aggressive self-cleaning tread design. Engineered to deliver a smooth ride and superior traction in all types of terrain, the REM-2 is an OEM Certified OTR with an advanced casing design that promotes retreadability.

"We appreciate our relationship with Double Coin and look forward to continuing with them," Newman said.

The feeling is definitely mutual! We appreciate their business and look forward to helping C5 Equipment Rentals continue to grow.

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