Double Coin RR150 Tires OE on Clement Trailers

Clement Industries has built a solid reputation manufacturing "lighter, tougher greg leong.jpgand better engineered" trailers.

When they began receiving complaints about premature tire wear and chipping two years ago, company president Greg Leong (pictured to the right) was ready to take action.

He talked to some larger tire dealers and did his own research. "Both routes led Double Coin RR150 - cropped.jpgto Double Coin," he recalled. "The dealers had some really positive things to say about Double Coin quality and value. We made the switch and have been very pleased; absolutely no complaints from our customers."

Clement Industries switched to the Double Coin RR150, a tough multi-use tire with a 5-rib, wide groove design. Its channel siping cuts through water to promote precise handling, lateral stability and superior traction in various conditions. The deep 19/32” original tread depth provides long original tread life.

We get a lot of favorable reviews on the RR150. In fact, longtime Alabama dealer Ed Westmoreland says it is the best spread axle tire in the industry.

Clement Industries, based in Minden, La., has established an outstanding reputation over the past 67 years for dependable customer service and well-engineered products under the Clement and Hilbilt brand names, including:

  • Bathtub end dumps
  • Rock trailer end dumps
  • Scrap and demolition trailers
  • Bottom dumps
  • Side dumps
  • Pup trailers
  • Roll off trailers
  • Aluminum trailers

"Our trailers are lighter, tougher and better engineered," Greg notes. "We pride ourselves on working closely with our dealers to get end users into the right trailers for their applications."

It was a pleasure catching up with Greg at the recent Mid America Trucking Show and checking out the MonStar steel half-round end dump trailer with 99-cubic yard capacity.

Monstar trailer.jpg

Here's a video of Greg discussing some of the MonStar's many innovative features.

We are proud to be OE on all Clement and Hilbilt trailers and wish Greg and his team much success in the years ahead.



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