Downtime reduced by Double Coin RR300 Tires

Isaac Aguilar is “pretty picky” about the trucks and components he uses at Sandvik Trucking, located in Valley Center, CA.


His drivers do a great job delivering slabs of granite and other products in loads of 78,000 pounds or greater from the Arizona Tile Company to stores in seven southwestern states. And he wants to do right by them by outfitting his trucks with the very best equipment.

Isaac (pictured to the left) said he felt he was not doing right by his drivers or his profits when he was running on Yokohama’s, Toyo’s and other “so-called better tires.”

We enjoyed talking with Isaac at this year's Mid-America Trucking Show and discussing what led to his decision to give Double Coin tires a try. “I was getting one or two calls a night for blow-outs,” he recalled, noting that $300-$400 road service calls, not to mention a few tickets along the way, hurt the bottom line and definitely did not make for happy drivers.Isaac_photo_1

He tried our tires first on his own truck, and is now running Double Coin tires on every axle of his entire fleet which consists of 24 Peterbilts, one Freightliner and an '81 Kenworth, one of the original trucks when the company started. The trucks pull spread axle step deck and a few flatbed trailers. Many of the trucks and drivers are well-recognized and highly regarded in the Southern California trucking industry.

“Some people were questioning my decision, but man I’ve had such good luck with the Double Coin tires,” he said. “Downtime due to road hazards has gone down to practically nothing. And I’ve received no complaints from my drivers on ride comfort or road noise.”

Sandvik Trucking, heaquartered in Valley Center, CA, runs mostly on Double Coin RR300 steer/all-position tires. They rotate their worn steer tires to the trailers and let the drive tires run in that position until their ready for retreading.


The RR300 is engineered with extensive tread siping, and its 5-rib design minimizes irregular wear. The 19/32” tread depth promotes long original tread life.  It is available in the popular 11R22.5 (14 and 16 ply), 295/75R22.5, 11R24.5 (14 and 16 ply), 285/75R24.5, 295/80R22.5 (16 and 18 ply) sizes. 

“We’ve run on some really well-known brands including Michelin, and I really don’t see any difference performance-wise in the 300’s,” Aguilar told us.

We appreciate his comments and his business. If your fleet is suffering from too much downtime due to tire failures or you don't believe you're getting a competitive cost per mile afrom your tires, please leave a comment and we will be glad to talk with you.

Another great product in the Double Coin lineup is the new RR706 mixed service tire for trucks working in construction, waste and refuse hauling. Click on the banner below to get more details on this incredibly durable all-position tire. 



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    Just Landed! Introducing Double Coin airport ground support equipment (GSE) applications tires. The REM-26 is an industrial steer-position tire, and the REM-4 is an industrial drive-position tire.

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