Fairmount Tire & Rubber Celebrates 60 Years!

“Turning Little Black Hoops into Green Dollars” at Fairmount Tire & Rubber. That’s what this stalwart dealer has been doing for 60 years now and Double Coin tires have been there for a good portion of the journey.

One of CMA/Double Coin’s oldest customers, Fairmount Tire & Rubber recently Jerry and Brad Saunderscelebrated 60 years of doing great business in the L.A. area.  Jerry Saunders, 75, started Fairmount with the help of his father and by using money given him at his Bar Mitzvah in March 1958. 

Saunders and his son Brad Saunders (pictured above) have been a loyal Double Coin customer and friend to CMA and its employees for 21 of its 60 years.  

Walt and Mike at FairmountTo help celebrate and show our appreciation to the Fairmount family, CMA President Mike Yang, Senior V.P. of Sales Walt Weller and his wife Marjorie (pictured to left), and my wife Connie and myself (pictured below) attended the 60th anniversary party. It was held at the world renowned Beverly Hills Hilton inside the International Ballroom; the very same ballroom where the Golden Globes are held each year.

Rico and Connie at FairmountA fantastic meal and happy hour were followed by a personal concert by Jerry’s best friend, Johnny Mathis of crooning fame. Jerry even sang a song on stage with Johnny, with the crowd cheering and laughing. The evening ended with dancing to music by a rockin’ DJ with rapper / actor LL Cool J joining us on the dance floor.

I was very pleased to hear that Jerry mentioned to Connie his appreciation for my honesty, ease to work with, and for selling a top-rate product like Double Coin. I've loved working with the Fairmount folks!

So “turning little black hoops into green dollars to keep L.A. rolling.” That is one of Jerry’s favorite phrases along with . . . “You make them black and we’ll make them green.” The Fairmount team has certainly done that over the years.

We are greatly honored to have them as customers . . . and true friends. To run a successful business for 60 years is no small feat! We wish them many years of continued success in the years ahead.


ll j cool

fairmount candy fairmount dancing

fairmount stage

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