Spec’ing TBR Tires for Optimum Fuel Savings

A question from a Facebook follower:  To achieve fuel savings from my tires, should I start with fuel efficient steer, drive or trailer tires?

On a tractor-trailer combination, the steer tires contribute 15-20% to fuel economy,CMA_Tire-Loves drive tires 30-40% and trailer tires about 40-50%.

Considering that trailer tires have the biggest impact on fuel economy and that trailer tires represent the biggest population in the average fleet in America, selecting the proper trailer tires will have the biggest impact on miles-per-gallon consumed than any other wheel position.

Double Coin FT115-1Therefore, the first priority for a fleet interested in saving a significant amount of money is to start moving into fuel efficient tires (SmartWay® verified) starting with the trailer axles and continuing with steer and drives.


Double Coin has six fuel efficient tread patterns for the trailer axle to choose from. The FT115, for example, is very popular at Love's Travel Stops and many of our independent dealers. The FT115 is a fuel efficient, low rolling resistance trailer-position tire ideal for line-haul applications. Its fuel-efficient technology utilizes extensive siping to encourage even wear and its advanced casing extends tire life, making it a superior choice for long-term ownership.

Independent Fuel Test

Double Coin, Michelin and Continental were invited last year to participate in the tests by FPInnovations’ PIT Group, a neutral third-party research organization. The results among all three brands were close, with Continental coming out on top and Double Coin second. Maybe it's time to redefine the tiers?

Trailer aerodynamicsDouble Coin - yellow truck

In relation to the vehicles themselves, modern trailer aerodynamic technologies can minimize aerodynamic drag and maintain smoother air flow over the entire tractor-trailer vehicle. Trailer aerodynamic devices include gap fairings that reduce the gap between the tractor and the trailer to reduce turbulence, trailer side skirts that minimize wind under the trailer, and trailer rear fairings that reduce turbulence and pressure drop at the rear of the trailer. 

The EPA has determined that by using trailer aerodynamic devices in combination with one another (or alone) have the potential to provide an estimated 5% or greater reduction in fuel use relative to the truck's baseline, when used in conjunction with an aerodynamic tractor on long haul class 8 trucks in a highway type operation.

Utilizing a combination of aerodynamic technologies and SmartWay-verified tires will, without question, reduce operating costs for long haul fleet operations. Click on the banner below to be contacted regarding our OptiGreen line of fuel-efficient tires. 

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