Gen-Y Trailer Hitches Reduce Hassle

In a perfect world, every trailer you backed up to would be the exact height for your truck and hitch combination! Unfortunately, we live in reality and every trailer is different. In my world, at Palmetto Yacht Management, nothing can be more stressful than backing up to a trailer and realizing you didn't bring the right hitch!

My entire fleet is fitted with 22.5 Double Coin tires, which perform beautifully with Palmetto_truck_and_trailers.jpglong tread wear and dependable traction. These tires are  37" tall, however, so finding the right hitch for the types of trucks we drive (heavy duty Dodge, Ford and GM) can be a challenge. For my trailers I've always been able to keep my hitch heights the same, and use a massive 30-ton Curt pintle. However, my issues always arose when I pulled a customer's trailer that I wasn't familiar with. Their coupler type or their trailer height always seemed to cause difficulty.

I've searched far and wide to try to find a one size fits all hitch for this very reason. After many attempts using hitches with several pins and those made out of shiny aluminum, all failing horribly under commercial conditions, I knew I needed something built for extreme duty!

I came across a hitch named Gen-Ythat's built from solid steel, so it immediately grabbed my attention!

Gen-Y_3.jpgI began doing a little more research and sure enough they offer a hitch with almost every configuration you can imagine. Whether it be a pintle, ball, or even load distributing, they have it. Not only do they have it, they have it with 10" of adjustment!

After all of my research I was extremely interested! I ordered one and was anxious to put it to use. I immediately planned a route hauling two different trailers with different weights up to 20k and totally different hitch heights. To my surprise, this Gen-Y hitch worked flawlessly! I used it in both the pintle and 2 5/16 ball configurations and could not have been happier! I then went back to their website to order one for every truck I own!

I started exploring the website and found that Gen-Y had recently GenY_2.jpgreleased a torsion hitch. This immediately sparked my interest since I run torsion axles on all of my trailers, and I have become very familiar with the concept of rubber torsions and their durability.  I ordered one and immediately put it to use.

On this torsion hitch, the shaft that enters the receiver tube on the truck is once again solid steel. However, it's separated from the coupling side by two torsion arms. This allows the coupler of the trailer to move independently from the truck's receiver. This concept not only works, but works phenomenally! It drastically reduces vibration and sheer bumps that are felt in the truck! It is absolutely an amazing invention! In my opinion, Gen-Y has revolutionized the hitch industry for every truck owner, but especially those in the commercial industry.

Chris_Hanna.jpgNo longer do you have to sacrifice strength for adjustability; let Gen-Y give you an all in one!

As a guest blogger for Double Coin, Chris Hanna shares his experiences at Palmetto Yacht Management with other owner operators.  All of his trucks ride on Double Coin tires.  



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