Life on Pandemic Road

Double Coin customer Glen Rice says driving through near empty cities during the pandemic has been surreal, but his canine travel companions sure miss people coming up to pet them.

"This has been an amazing year. It has been a struggle to say the least," Rice told Glen Rice with Bernice Kingus recently. " I've been transporting a little of everything . . . from a cattle trailer to a Pintle hook fuel tanker!" 
"It's been a total flip from a year ago," he says. "Hardly any traffic to contend with. Pretty amazing crossing any large city and never hit the brakes!! People really are staying home."
On the downside!
It has not all been hunky dory Rice notes: "On the downside, we're really tired of eating out of styrofoam! We miss the wonderful waitresses and waiters! My life has changed moderately compared to these wonderful friends that haven't been able to work. God bless them."
"Our three dogs -- Betsy (French bulldog) and our two Chihuahuas Joe and Bella, (both rescues) -- miss everyone coming up to them and saying hi!"
Just look at this face! That is one bummed pup LOL!
Glen Rice - sleepy friend
We hear you!
Rice adds:  "We are all anxious about getting back to normal. Really miss hugging our friends. Everyone is uncertain about the future. We know that our faith will get us through these days. I'm so proud to have a working relationship with Double Coin Tires."
About Glen Rice and his RLB400 drive tires
Rice says his truck is as "non aerodynamic as you can get -- 2007 W900L Kenworth with a 150-inch sleeper on a 327 inch wheelbase . . . weighing in at 30,000 pounds bobtail." All the more remarkable that Rice is getting such long tread wear on his Double Coin RLB400 closed shoulder drive tires. 

Rice has been running Double Coin RLB400s (LP24.5s) for nearly three years. His mileage on this set is 311,000 and he has 13/32nds tread remaining! 

311,000 divided by 17/32nds used = 18,294 miles per 32nd.  Projected to full use (26/32nds), Rice will receive over 475,000 miles!

"I'm getting great wear, and the traction is as good as anything I've driven on," Rice says.

Glen Rice truck with mountain


The RLB400 features an extra deep 30/32" tread with stone drilling protectors RLB400Wwhich help deliver long original mileage. The closed shoulder tread design provides even wear.

Click here to read about how the RLB400 compared to the General D460 in a fleet test.

It was great catching up with Glen. We appreciate his business, and we certainly hope that his dogs will soon be able to enjoy human contact again on the road!

Glen Rice 3 dogs

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