Double Coin TBR Market Share is Up!

There’s no smoke and mirrors for truck tires. With tires representing a significant share of operating budgets, fleets and owner operators know which brands deliver on total cost of ownership.

According to Modern Tire Dealer magazine, Double Coin is in a very respectableUS TBR Market Share - 2020 position in the US medium truck tire replacement market at 5%. At 7th place, we are just below a handful of widely recognized tire manufacturers, and we’re well ahead of several quality competitors.

From the RLB400 closed shoulder drive tire delivering outstanding tread wear and traction, to the RR150 providing anti-scrubbing on spread axles, Double Coin has a comprehensive line-up of TBR tires, including our OptiGreen fuel efficient products.

For a market as big as the US (18.5 million units in 2020), 5% market share represents a lot of tires on the road. We sincerely appreciate all our customers for their continued patronage! Obviously, many American fleets and owner operators agree that “The Smart Money is on Double Coin!”

We Have Supply

While some competitors are experiencing serve shortages, CMA / Double Coin has continued to keep up the pace. I believe customers are closely looking at their product portfolio and have come to the conclusion that they must align their business with CMA / Double Coin since we can provide production availability, long-term performance and a lower cost of ownership.   

Double Coin RR150 Blog Hero Shot 

Expanding our Warehouses and Sales Team

We recently expanded our field salesforce with knowledgeable and experienced personnel to better enable us to stay in front of our customers and provide them with solutions to any questions they may have. 

Our new Texas warehouse location is fully operational and has proven to be a great addition to our warehouse network. We have recently consolidated some of our smaller facilities and now operate distribution sites in California, Texas and Tennessee. I am continuing to look at new opportunities that will help us offer better service in other parts of the country.

We Are Family

Having available, quality TBR tires is critical, but so is dependable customer service. Having open and consistent communications with customers is essential. By treating our customers as family, we will naturally grow our business together.   

Double Coin Coast to Coast TBR


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